Feature Bounty

The mSupply Foundation is a non-profit organisation.

We are not motivated by profit. Instead we are motivated by the opportunity to improve access to essential medicines and vaccines for people in low to middle income countries.

We seek to do that by developing and implementing technological solutions to strengthen health supply chains in those countries.

We have a team of around 55 permanent staff who are dedicated towards this cause.

However there is always more work to be done!

This 'Feature Bounty' page lists features and modules that we aspire to develop over the next few years.

The idea behind the bounty is twofold:

  1. For donors / clients - agree to fund a particular feature and we will jump the development queue.
  2. For volunteer developers - pick an area, help us to achieve our goals and get credited! (Plus we'll chuck in a free warm glow feeling)

In either case the end result will be the same - a more useful suite of tools to help the people who need access to healthcare most ❤️

If you fit into either of the categories above and would like to help us tackle a bounty, please contact us for more information.

Feature Bounty🔗

The categories below list bounties for each area of our tool suite.

Open mSupply🔗

No bounties for Open mSupply at this point in time. Check back soon!

mSupply Cold Chain🔗