The landing page

Too many Dashboards!🔗

Yes, we use the term Dashboard for more than one thing. Open mSupply has a landing page which gives an overview of some statistics, and has some useful links, which we will talk about here, and also a system dashboard that uses Grafana, and gives an overview of all sites in your country (or organisation).

What's on display?🔗

The dashboard!

You can see some statistics for shipments and stock:

  • Replenishment
    • Inbound Shipments
      • Today: Shows the number of inbound shipments created today
      • This week: The number created during the current week
      • Inbound shipments not delivered: Number of shipped invoices that have yet to be delivered
    • Internal Orders
      • New: Shows the number of new Internal Orders
  • Distribution
    • Shipments
      • Have not been shipped: The number of Outbound Shipments that have not been set to Shipped (or later) status
    • Requisitions
      • New: The number of new customer requisitions
  • Inventory Management
    • Expiring Stock
      • Expired batches: The number of stock lines in the current store which have expired
      • Batches expiring in a month: The number of stock lines in the current store which will expire within the month
    • Stock levels
      • Total items: A count of the number of items in this store
      • Items with no stock: The item is visible in this store, but have no stock recorded
      • Items with less than 3 months of stock: Which is based on the average monthly consumption (AMC) for this item in the current store
      • Items with more than 6 months of stock: As above, based on AMC for the item in the current store

There are buttons towards the bottom of the page as well which allow you to create shipments and requisitions.