5. Setting up the Users to access the store

Unlike mSupply Desktop, mSupply Mobile does not need or use individual user permissions for the store. All that is required is for the user to have login rights to the store.

If you have used method 3.03 to create the store by cloning another sync store. The below is required only if you have further users to add

At least one user needs to be added to the new store on the Primary server. The users will access the store from the device, but their credentials need to be set up on the Primary server.

To set up users on the Primary Server please refer to the mSupply User Guide managing users.

When creating new users who will be using mSupply Mobile, consider the following to make them easier to enter on a tablet:

  • Only use lower-case letters for both username and password
  • Consider using short usernames and passwords
  • Strongly recommend that you take care not to have trailing spaces at the end of the username or password

At least one Admin User needs to be set up to have have access to the new store on the Primary server. This user will normally be the Sussol user that was used to set up the new store, but there could well be other local mSupply administrators that need access.

  1. Go to Admin > Edit Users
  2. Select the user and go to Login Rights
  3. Select the new Store
  4. Click OK
  • To carry out various admin functions on the device, the logged in user needs the appropriate permission to access the mobile Settings page.
  • You will likely not want the local users to have this permission. If that is the case, then an Admin user needs to be configured to have this permission.
  • The Sustainable Solutions Sussol is hard-wired not to have this permission. A special Sustainable Solutions user called SussolMobile can be set up to have this permission.

In the mSupply Central server:

  1. Log into the mobile store
  2. Go to File > Edit users
  3. Select the mobile user (whom you want to give permission to access Settings - remember, not the Sussol user :-)), double click it. An edit user window will open.
  4. Go to Permission (3) tab and check the View/edit preferences permission on

Click OK to save it and again click OK to close User list… window.

Once these permissions are set, the Settings button will be visible the next time the user logs in to mSupply Mobile.

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