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The Cash Register

This feature is off by default. Most users will not be handling cash and can skip this section. To enable the functionality, see the documentation here

  • Clicking the “Cash register” register button shows all receipts and payments
  • Your stores current cash balance is shown in the top left.

  • Tapping the New Transaction button brings up a dialog to create either a CASH IN (receipt) or CASH OUT (payment) transaction

  • You must complete each step to proceed
  • First select the Choose a Name button and select a name from the list

  • Then press the Enter The Amount button and enter the amount

  • Once confirmed, you can then create the cash receipt transaction.
  • Optionally, you can enter a description for this receipt.

Creating a CASH OUT transaction is the same process, except that you must provide a reason for the transaction. Select the Choose a reason button, and select a reason from the list

  • Once you have selected a reason, you are able to create and save this transaction

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