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You would like to order some stock from your supplier (Medical Stores).

For example, you need to place an emergency order for Ampicillin injections and Co-trimoxazole tablets.

To do this, you must send a Supplier Requisition for:

  • Ampicillin 1g injection x 300
  • Co-trimoxazole 480mg tablets x 500

So let's do it!

Select the supplier.

OR If your facility also has access to programs, first click the General Order button, then select the supplier.

You will now see a list of recent requisitions you have placed.

If you have started working on the requisition previously, it will display in the Status column as In Progress.

If you haven't finalised it, you can click on it and keep working on it.

If you only have a few items, click New Item. This is the best option for small orders.

Start typing to search for the item.

Make sure your quantities are correct. If you want to change them, click on the Requested Quantity column and change the number.

If you have a lot of items to order, it can be slow to add them one by one (for example, when you are placing your main order).

To add a lot of items at once, click Add Master List Items.

Select one or more master lists from the list. Only master lists visible to your store are shown.

The items on the selected master list(s) will then automatically appear in the supplier requisition.

If you are certain that you are not ordering an item which you have not previously ordered! By choosing one of these options, mSupply will automatically calculate the amounts of each item you require, once it builds up a history of how much stock you're using.

Alternatively, manually enter the Requested Quantity for individual items.

Click the Finalise button, then Confirm and your order will go to the supply store.

Even if you don't have internet at the time, it's ok! The order will send automatically when you do have internet later.

What is the difference between a Supplier Requisition and a Supplier Invoice?

A Supplier Requisition is an order that YOU have placed to the Medical Stores.

A Supplier Invoice is a record of what THEY have sent you.

These are not always the same, as Medical Stores might not have had enough stock to fill your requisition, or they might have sent you some stock that you didn't order.

When stock arrives at your facility, check it off against the Supplier Invoice as this is what you were supposed to receive.

This chapter tells you how to receive stock.

When you are creating a new requisition, mSupply Mobile now has a tool to help you work out how much stock you need to order! In the past, you had to use a calculation formula to work out how many of each item, and you needed to do this for EVERY item in your order.

Now, simply select the Months Stock Required and mSupply Mobile will calculate your order quantities automatically. You can even check the amounts and change them if you require.

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