Vaccine mode only shows if the store is configured correctly on the server. Read how here


  • mSupply needs Bluetooth on your device to be turned on to be able to sync temperatures. We will try to enable it each time we try to connect with your sensors, but there are a few ways which it can be disabled where we can’t turn it back on! (For example, if it’s broken or your device doesn’t have bluetooth!)
  • mSupply will also need access to your Location to enable temperature control [Why? I dunno ask google!]
  • When you have either of these disabled, the temperature syncing will be disabled and show that here:

  • To turn on the location permissions, you can either enable this in your devices' settings or manually enable the permission each time it runs. If you do not have access to the device settings, contact mSupply Support.
  • To enable this in your device settings (example below for a Lenovo E10 tablet):
    • Go to your App Settings:

  • Find the area for managing permissions (usually the Apps and Notifications area).

  • Tap on mSupply mobile. After finding msupply Mobile…
  • Enable the location permission!

  • Alternatively you can try to manually sync temperatures. If you haven’t already given location permission, we’ll ask for it now. Without enabling this permission, we can’t sync temperatures. We will try again about every 10 minutes automatically, but we don’t want to disturb you with a request to turn it on each time, so we’ll only show it when you try to manually sync temperatures without the permission enabled.
  • If you do check “Don’t ask again” - we can’t! So you’ll have to follow the process above to manually grant us the permission to see your location.

Enabling the Vaccine module will change the look of your menu page, adding an extra Vaccines button.

Supplier Invoices

With vaccine module enabled you automatically get a few extra columns on a supplier invoice - the Location and Vaccine Vial Monitor (VVM) status columns. You can select a location by tapping on the arrow icon in the Location cell. This will allow you to choose a location from a list. The available locations are restricted by the item's restricted location (set up on desktop).

You can also change the Vaccine vial monitor status for items that have been defined as vaccines on the cloud server - this defaults to the lowest level, but can be edited by clicking on the arrow icon in the VVM Status column.

Customer Invoices

Vaccine module automatically adds two extra columns on a customer invoice - the Doses and Breach columns.

  • The Doses column is for the number of doses actually used (so we can account for open-vial wastage). It will automatically get populated by the item quantity * number of doses in a vial, for convenience, but you can also edit it! There is a maximum limit of the number of doses in a vial for that vaccine * the quantity, though.
  • The Breach column shows when a vaccine item has been in a temperature breach. Note that without entering a quantity into the customer invoice for the item, we don’t know exactly what batches are being issued, so the breach icon may not show up yet.
  • If the breach icon (an orange triangle with an exclamation) does show for a row, this signals that the stock line has had a temperature breach. Tapping the icon will bring up a graph of the temperature breach. In the example below, the fridge seems to be broken, probably not a good idea to use this batch!

Supplier Requisitions

Tapping on a row in your supplier requisition will show you the date of the last requisition for your vaccine, as well as other details such as the open and closed vial wastage since the last requisition.


Tapping on a stocktake row for a vaccine item will also show the additional columns for Doses and Breach.

Here, you can adjust the quantities of your vaccine if needed, change the location, or if the vaccine vial monitor status has changed, you can update that here. You can also view the breaches the batch has been in to help you make decisions!

Vaccine module

Tapping on the Vaccines button in the menu page will bring you to a list of all your fridges which have a sensor attached. This is where you can view the temperatures of the fridge, as well as other details such as how much stock is in the fridge, or the temperatures it has been exposed to. You can adjust the dates to see a more higher overview of temperatures, or lessen the range to get more fine grained details on the temperatures.

  • The blue line is the minimum temperature at that time, whereas the red line is the hottest temperature.
  • The hazard icons indicate a temperature breach. You can tap on the hazard icons to view more fine-grained detail on that particular breach.

  • Here you can see there was a long breach - lucky there were no vaccines in the fridge at that time!


If you are an admin you will be able to see a button for opening the admin page.

This is where you can make adjustments to your fridges and sensors, as well as discover new sensors through your bluetooth adapter. You can edit locations through the Edit button - note that the location types of locations must be created on the primary server.

You can also view the sensors you have set up here:

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