Registering with Health Supply Hub

Supplier Responsibilities🔗

By requesting to register your organisation on HSH you acknowledge that you have the appropriate level of authority to submit binding commercial offers on behalf of your organisation. If you do not have that level of authority or you are unsure, we recommend you seek guidance from others in your organisation.

Registration Process🔗

  1. To register your organisation please use the supplier registration form here

  2. You will need to provide basic information about your organisation and your organisation's approved HSH Administrator.

  3. The HSH Team will then register your organisation. Once processed, all designated users will receive a verification email. Click the provided link to navigate to the user account activation page. User invitation page

  4. Should you have any issues or queries about the registration process, please email the HSH Support team at:

  5. To finish setting up your account enter your:

    • Desired username;
    • Full name; and
    • New account password.
  6. Then click the Activate Account button. User invitation page

  7. Now your account is activated and you can now log into the HSH e-portal.


  1. Save the email address to your safe sender list
  2. If your company has several locations, register the company against the head office and add contact details for individuals at the different locations. Once registered, you can add several contacts in the Users section. See ‘Managing your organisation in HSH' for more information
  3. Email alerts and actions will be sent to the email addresses you provide, so if possible it is useful to enter an email address that is accessible by multiple approved users in the Administrator User Details section such as
  4. For cases where the Administrator person or inbox may be unavailable, we strongly recommend you add additional Users so they can gain access to the HSH site and receive copies of any emails without needing to contact the HSH Support Team
  5. Your organisation can have as many administrators and users as it wants
  6. If you have previously registered with the Health Supply Hub e-portal, you do not need to register again
  7. If you lose access to your email, you can email the HSH Support Team ( to get a new user account and email set up with your organisation