Integration with mSupply Desktop


Minimum version requirements

BlueMaestro sensors🔗

  • mSupply cold chain app version: 0.4.2 recommended
  • mSupply Desktop version: V5-04-00 or higher recommended

Laird Sensors🔗

  • mSupply cold chain app version: 0.5.0-rc0
  • Minimum mSupply Desktop version: V5-07-00-RC41

mSupply Desktop Setup Steps🔗

Instructions on the server side setup are located on the mSupply Desktop documentation site.

Developer notes🔗

The Swagger API used for communicating with mSupply desktop is described here:

mSupply Cold Chain Setup Steps🔗

Navigate to SETTINGS (located at the bottom of the main screen):

Settings Here!


Settings Here!

  • Put in your store credentials under USERNAME and PASSWORD
  • Add Urls
    • Login - example:
    • Sensor - example:
    • Temperature-log - example:
    • Temperature-breach - example:

Integration Settings!

mSupply Coldchain will send data to the server every 1-2 minutes.

On desktop computers running mSupply, a new floating Coldchain monitoring window is shown to users:

Fridge down, Fridge down!