Integration with mSupply Desktop

The landing page


Minimum version requirements

BlueMaestro sensors

  • mSupply cold chain app version: 0.4.2 recommended
  • mSupply Desktop version: V5-04-00 or higher recommended

Laird Sensors

  • mSupply cold chain app version: 0.5.0-rc0
  • Minimum mSupply Desktop version: V5-07-00-RC41

mSupply Desktop Setup Steps

Instructions on the server side setup are located on the mSupply Desktop documentation site.

Developer notes

The Swagger API used for communicating with mSupply desktop is described here:

mSupply Cold Chain Setup Steps

Navigate to SETTINGS (located at the bottom of the main screen):

Settings Here!


Settings Here!

  • Put in your store credentials under USERNAME and PASSWORD
  • Add Urls
    • Authentication - example:
    • Temperature-log - example:
    • Temperature-breach - example:
    • Sensor - example:

Integration Settings!

mSupply Coldchain will send data to the server every 1-2 minutes.

On desktop computers running mSupply, a new floating Coldchain monitoring window is shown to users:

Fridge down, Fridge down!