The support section provides some tools for troubleshooting and supporting an Open mSupply installation.

Viewing the server log🔗

To view the server log, go to Admin in the lower section of the navigation panel:

Admin: nav

You will see the text 'Server log' and a button to View the logs:

Support: server log

Pressing the View button will open a new window which allows you to select the log file to view. The logs shown in the Server log drop down are all of the logs currently available on the server.

Support: select log

Note that you will need to have logging enabled in order to view logs!

To enable logging, the logging section is required in the local.yaml configuration file on the server. An example is shown below:

#   one of: All | Console | File
  mode: Console
#   one of:  Error | Warn | Info (default) | Debug | Trace
  level: Info
  directory: log
  filename: remote_server.log
  max_file_count: 10
  max_file_size: 1

After selecting a log file to view, the contents of the log is loaded. This make take a little time if the log is a large one!

Support: select log

When loaded, you'll see the text contents of the log:

Support: select log