Frequent Asked Questions

Questions about Open mSupply

Can you have multi-users on one Android tablet with Open mSupply?🔗


You can have multiple users log into the one tablet.

Can you have multi-stores on one tablet with Open mSupply?🔗


The stores visible on each tablet at each site are configured centrally.

Can you have multiple users on multiple Open mSupply tablets accessing the same store concurrently🔗


You can also access an Open mSupply server running on an Android tablet from a machine running Open mSupply desktop or from a web browser on any device.

Can multiple people view/edit the same shipment/stocktake/requisiton at the same time🔗

Yes! Although the last edit will override previous edits if you both edit the same line at the same time. Stock integrity will be maintained though.

Are there any concurrent license restrictions?🔗

There aren't any restrictions on the number of users connected to a server.