Viewing Sensors

Choose Cold chain > Sensors in the navigation panel.

goto sensors

You will be presented with a list of Sensors (if you don't see any, you may not have imported or integrated with the cold chain app!).

From this screen you can view a list of Sensors and edit a Sensor.

Sensor list

Sensor list

  1. The list of Sensors is divided into 9 columns:
NameName of the Sensor
CCEAsset number of the cold chain equipment item which the sensor is associated with
LocationCurrent location of the sensor
Serial NumberA unique identifier for the sensor
Battery LevelMost recent battery reading, in percentage
Last readingThe most recent temperature reported by the sensor
Date timeDate and time of the most recent activity for this sensor
Sensor typeThe manufacturer of the sensor, currently support options are Blue Maestro, Laird & Berlinger
Breach typeIf the sensor has had a breach, this shows the type of the most recent breach
  1. The list can display a fixed number of sensors per page. On the bottom left corner, you can see how many sensors are currently displayed on your screen.


  1. If you have more sensors than the current limit, you can navigate to the other pages by tapping on the page number or using the right of left arrows (bottom right corner).


  1. You can also select a different number of rows to show per page using the option at the bottom right of the page.

Rows per page

Editing a sensor

Clicking on a row in the list will show you the details of that sensor

Sensor details

On this screen you can

  • Edit the name of the sensor
  • Assign the sensor to a location
If the sensor is one that synchronises with Cold Chain application (e.g. the type is Blue Maestro or Laird), then the name must be edited in the Cold Chain application

The other details of the sensor, such as battery level and last recorded temperature are also shown on this screen.