Managing your customers' orders

When a customer orders stock from you, they create an Internal Order in their store. This will appear as a Requisition in your store.

Viewing Customers' Requisition🔗

To know if you have received requisitions from your customers, go to Distribution > Requisition

Requisition nav

You should see a list of all requisitions sent by your customers.

From this screen you can:

  • View a list of Requisitions
  • Export Requisitions to a .csv file

Requisition list

Requisition list🔗

  1. The list of Requisitions is divided into 5 columns:
NameName of the Customer
NumberReference Number of the requisition
CreatedCreation Date of the requisition
StatusCurrent Status of the requisition
CommentComment for the requisition
  1. The list can display a fixed number of requisitions per page. On the bottom left corner, you can see how many requisitions are currently displayed on your screen.


  1. If you have more requisitions than the current limit, you can navigate to the other pages by tapping on the page number or using the right of left arrows (bottom right corner).


  1. You can also select a different number of rows to show per page using the option at the bottom right of the page.

Rows per page

Filter Requisitions🔗

You can filter the list of requisitions by name or status. This can be useful if you're looking for one particular requisition!

Requisition filter

Select the desired filter from the list and either select a status from the list, or start typing in the Name field. All the requisitions which match the entered filter value will appear in the list.

Exporting Requisitions🔗

The list of Requisitions can be exported to a comma separated file (csv). Simply click the export button (on the right, at the top of the page)

Export button

and the file will be downloaded. The export function will download all Requisitions, not just the current page, if you have more than 20 of them.

Viewing a Requisition🔗

To view the detail of a particular requisition, simply click on it in the list view. You will then see the detail view of the requisition:

Requisition Detail

CodeCode of the item
NameName of the item
UnitThe unit of measure for the item
Our SOHHow much stock is available in this store
Their SOHHow much stock is available in the customer's store
RequestedThe quantity requested by customer
SupplyThe quantity that will be supplied by this store (quantity can differ from what is being requested)
IssuedThe quantity that has already been issued in Outbound Shipments
RemainingThe quantity remaining to be supplied to the customer. The calculation is 'Supply - Issued'. This quantity will be re-calculated after an Outbound Shipment has been created.

Clicking on an individual item in this view, will then show you details of the particular item. Here you can adjust the quantity to supply:

Requisition Detail

The requested quantity is also shown, along with the stock item details.

The My Store tab indicates if the store have enough stock to meet the customer's requested quantity as well as the requested quantities from other customers. The two bars show the following:

The first bar:

  • Your stock on hand for this item
  • Any incoming stock for this item that has been Shipped, but not yet Delivered
  • The quantity being requested for this item in any Internal Orders

The second bar:

  • The quantity being requested for this item in this Requisition
  • The quantity being requested in other Requisitions

Requisition Detail

The Customer tab shows the customer's stock situation for this item:

  • The customer's Target Quantity for this item. This is calculated as: Target MOS x AMC
  • The customer's stock on hand for this item

Another way to adjust the supply quantity, is to click the button Supply requested at the top of the page. This will automatically set the supply quantity to be that of the quantity requested for that item. Click the button and you are asked for confirmation before the adjustment happens:

Supply Requested Prompt

To create an Outbound Shipment which will supply the items requested, click on the Create Shipment button. This will create a shipment, add all of the items which are not fully supplied, and then, open that shipment in a new tab. Before doing so, you are prompted to confirm:

Create Shipment Prompt

If the supply quantity is changed for any item/s in the requisition after a shipment has been made for it and a new shipment is created through clicking the Create Shipment button, then a new shipment will be created with the remaining supply amount (supply quantity minus any linked Outbound Shipment quantity).

Create Shipment Detail

After creating the shipment, you will see the shipment number, along with a link to view it, in the Related documents section of the additional details panel on the right of the screen.