One of the most important - but easiest - tasks in mSupply is to check how much stock you have on hand. When you create an Outbound Shipment and add an item, mSupply will tell you if you have enough stock. But at many other times, you might want to quickly check, and it is very simple to do so.

Viewing stock🔗

In the navigation panel, Go to Inventory and tap on the Stock submenu:

Stock: nav

A detailed list of your inventory appears:

Stock: list

The list is divided into 8 columns:

  • Code: This is the code assigned to this item in mSupply
  • Name: This is the name by which mSupply will refer to the item
  • Batch: Batch number of the stock line
  • Expiry: Expiry date of the batch
  • Location: Where the item is being stored in your facility
  • Unit: The unit you use for this item
  • Pack Size: Number of units per pack
  • Pack Qty: Number of packs available in your store
  • SOH: The total quantity of stock on hand, in number of packs
  • Supplier Shows the source of this stock item

Looking for a specific item🔗

You can filter the list by item name or code. This can be useful if you're looking for one particular item.

Type as much of an item name or code in the Enter item code or name field:

Stock: search