Current Road Map

This road map will be updated about once every six weeks. It only covers our immediate committed work stream. Our planned feature list is much larger.

Road map🔗

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Planned features🔗

AreaTransactionFeature / Capability
QUANTIFICATIONDemand PlanningRules-based calculation of estimated product volume requirement X by distribution tier and user-defined time periods
QUANTIFICATIONDemand PlanningManually edit forecasts
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationPurchaser: create a new tender
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationPurchaser: publish tender to a list of suppliers
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationPurchaser: create electronic request for quotation (EDI 840)
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationPurchaser: create benchmark prices
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationSuppliers: can upload their response in Open mSupply (web portal)
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationPurchaser: manually receive supplier's responses/quotations
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationPurchaser: automatically receive supplier's responses/quotations (web portal)
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationPurchaser: receive an electronic response to a request for quotation (EDI 843 / PEPPOL)
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationPurchasers: evaluation of received quotations
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationPurchasers: select preferred suppliers (awarding)
PROCUREMENTTender/Request for quotationContracts and Grants management
PROCUREMENTPurchase OrdersCreate PO from a tender
PROCUREMENTPurchase OrdersCreate Calculated PO
PROCUREMENTPurchase OrdersCreate Blank PO
PROCUREMENTPurchase OrdersCreate an electronic Purchase Order (EDI 850)
PROCUREMENTPurchase OrdersAdd items from master list
PROCUREMENTPurchase OrdersPO categories
PROCUREMENTPurchase OrdersPO line attributes
PROCUREMENTVendor ManagementCreate/View/Edit Vendors
PROCUREMENTAdvanced Shipping NoticeCreate a manual ASN from a PO
PROCUREMENTAdvanced Shipping NoticeReceive an electronic ASN (EDI 856)
PROCUREMENTGood ReceiptsPrint a good receipt form (pdf, csv) from an inbound shipment (when VERIFIED status is confirmed)
PROCUREMENTPaymentsPrint a supplier invoice form (pdf, csv) from an inbound shipment (when VERIFIED status is confirmed)
PROCUREMENTPaymentsRecord payments made to suppliers (from a supplier invoice)
PROCUREMENTManage templatesAbility to maintain templates
PROCUREMENTGood receipt to verify stock on POsCreate Goods Receipt / Inbound Shipment
PROCUREMENTGood receipt to verify stock on POsAdd lines from a PO to an Inbound Shipment
PROCUREMENTPurchase OrdersAll approvers can access system to approve procurement forms
PROCUREMENTAdd notes and process waiversAbility to document notes to file and procurement process waivers
PROCUREMENTReferencingFacilitate 3-way matching for vendor payments (PO, GRN, invoice)
PROCUREMENTPurchase OrdersNotify PO change in status to different users or when the full PO is not fulfilled
PROCUREMENTMatching informationProcurement and inventory modules communicate data on received goods, POs, and master lists with each other
PROCUREMENTGenerate Delivery noteGenerate Delivery note and Waybill/Packing List
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Display any difference between ordered (req or PO) quantities and notified quantities
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Notify appropriate parties of discrepancies
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Display the storage requirements based on quantity shipped gross volume
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Display amount of storage space available by type
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Flag if insufficient storage space by type
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Barcode scanning for goods receiving
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Flag discrepancies compared to the shipment received
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Record damage, discrepancy, batch mismatch, indicator, and variation information for individual line items
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Report damages and discrepancies to appropriate individuals
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Assign an operator to an Inbound Shipment for putting away received stock
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Putaway app: load the inbound shipment's items list and instructions for putaway.
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Display storage conditions for items (eg. temperature controlled)
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Display default storage location for each item
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Propose space/positions for each stock item based on define rules (eg. current space availability, based on ABC category)
RECEIVINGInbound Shipments (ex Supplier Invoices)Print pallet/shelf tag specifying status of goods, if appropriate
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTLocationsDefine storage locations hierarchy
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTLocationsDefine storage conditions (cold chain, volume, item restrictions, use restrictions, etc...)
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTLocationsRecord temperatures for storage locations (see category COLD CHAIN)
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTLocationsRecord frozen conditions status
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTItems - Stock Movement and ExpiryRecord VVM status
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTItems - Master dataSet temperature threshold conditions per product, as appropriate
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTItems - Stock Movement and ExpiryAlert conditions outside threshold
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTItems - Stock Movement and ExpiryTrack lots and expiry dates
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTItems - Stock Movement and ExpiryTransfer stock from one location to another
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTItems - Stock Movement and ExpiryDisplay and transmit alerts and notifications for pending expiries
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTItems - Stock Movement and ExpiryDisplay and transmit alerts and notifications for stock outs, overstock, understock
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTItems - Master dataFlag items as hazardous, as appropriate
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTStocktakeFilter the stock to be included: by item attributes (category, department, expiry date, etc...)
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTStocktakePrint stocktake sheets (CSV format)
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTStocktakeStocktake app: load the stocktake sheet on a mobile device
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTStocktakeStocktake app: use a barcode scanner/mobile device camera to select the item the operator is counting
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTStocktakeBarcode scanning for stocktaking
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTStocktakeCycle counting
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTPickface replenishments
INVENTORY MANAGEMENTLabour ManagementCreate/edit warehouse operators
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentCreate a pick slip from an allocated outbound shipment
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentPick slip: Display current location(s) for requisitioned items
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentPick slip: create pick slip sorted by storage locations
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentPick slip: Display stock expiry date
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentPick slip app: load a pick slip on a mobile device.
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentPack Order
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentPack Order: Box / cartonisation
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentPrint documents for delivery: packing list, customer invoice, goods received note
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestDraft transport order
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestAssign one or multiple "picked" outbound shipments to transport order (same trip or location)
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestDetermine Payload, Volume, and Dimensions
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestSelect Transportation Mode and Type
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestDetermine temperature control requirements
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestConfirm transport order
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestSchedule transport resources
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestRecord/Display delivery instructions
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestRecord/Display tracking number, vehicle, driver
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestConfirm outbound shipments have been loaded
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestTrack location and update ETA
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestRecord transport history (location, temperature)
TRANSPORTTransport order/requestConfirm delivery / print/send proof of delivery
TRANSPORTCarrierCreate/edit Carriers
TRANSPORTRouteCreate/edit Routes
TRANSPORTFleet Management
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)Suggest order quantities based on patient records / registry data
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)estimate stock needs based on aggregating requisitions by intermediate levels
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)estimate stock needs based on target populations
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)estimate stock needs quantities based on statistical forecasts
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)estimate stock needs point based on user-defined criteria
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)Display current stock levels (SOH) at all relevant levels
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)Display expiry dates for on-hand stock
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)Display lead time for order fulfilment
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)Display item cost at time requisition is generated
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)Calculate order cost at time requisition is generated
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)Intuitive requisition template with pull-down menus
REQUISITIONSGeneral Request Requisition (Int. Order)Requested items can be routed for storage release or purchase
PER-PATIENT DISPENSINGDispensingRecord dispensed medicines to an individual patient
PER-PATIENT DISPENSINGPrescriptionAbbreviations
PER-PATIENT DISPENSINGPrescriptionDrug Interactions Group
PER-PATIENT DISPENSINGPrescriptionPayments and receipt / cash register
PER-PATIENT DISPENSINGPrescriptionCreate/edit patients
PER-PATIENT DISPENSINGPrescriptionCreate/edit prescribers
COLD CHAINTemperature monitoringDisplay and transmits alerts for temperature breach (home screen dashboard), assign one or several temperature sensors to a storage location, define threshold per item
COLD CHAINTemperature monitoringSync of temperature records to the server to feed mSupply dashboard (via Cold Chain app)
COLD CHAINTemperature monitoringIntegration with Berlinger temperature loggers and fridge tab
SYNCSync Carry over
OVERALL SYSTEMUser permissionBuild in variable user access
OVERALL SYSTEMCurrencyAbility to support several currency and their exchange rate
OVERALL SYSTEMAnyUpload scanned documents
OVERALL SYSTEMAnyAbility to store contracts and Goods Received Note (GRN) in the system
OVERALL SYSTEMAnyAdd notifications when expected levels are not met
DASHBOARDSView data on dashboardsReports on stock consumption
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentSend a notification of approved outbound shipment
DISPATCHOutbound ShipmentApproval system of outbound shipment
TRANSPORTVehicle data sheetRecord for each vehicle with key parameters (VIN, model, plate, fuel type, model year, reg. data & number, insurance date & policy number, price, etc.)
TRANSPORTReportingTrack key monthly vehicle data (# of days vehicle in use and under repair, km driven, odometer reading, fuel cost, litres of fuel consumed)
TRANSPORTReporting"Track key monthly generator data (running hours, maintenance costs, fuel consumed)
TRANSPORTReporting"Track repairs per vehicle and generator (type, date, cost, spare parts & consumables used)
TRANSPORTInteroperabilityCan be integrated with vehicle tracking hardware to capture km travelled
TRANSPORTGeneralSend notifications when key documents are soon to expire (insurance, registration, etc.)
TENDERGeneralManage competitive bidding process
TENDERGeneralmaintain fixed price list for preferred vendors
TENDERGeneralmaintain standard list of products with estimated prices