The Facilities list is available only on the Open mSupply Central Server. This is where you can view all stores, and manage their properties.

Viewing Facilities🔗

Choose Manage > Facilities in the navigation panel.

goto: facilities

You will be presented with a list of stores in your system.

facility list

The list of Stores is divided into 5 columns:

CodeThe code for the store
NameStore name
SupplierWhether this store is a supplier
CustomerWhether this store is a customer
DonorWhether this store is a donor
You can tell if a customer is also using Open mSupply in their store if they have an icon like this Store next to the code.

The list can display a fixed number of stores per page. On the bottom left corner, you can see how many stores are currently displayed on your screen.

Pagination: showing

If you have more stores than the current limit, you can navigate to the other pages by clicking on the page number or using the right of left arrows (bottom right corner).

Pagination: navigating

You can also select a different number of rows to show per page using the option at the bottom right of the page.

Rows per page

Searching facilities🔗

You can filter the list of facilities by name or by code. This can be useful if you're looking for one particular store!

In the search bar in the top left of your screen, type some (or all) of a store name or store code. The list will now contain all matching facilities:

Facilities filter

Editing store properties🔗

To edit the properties of a store in the list, click on it. This will open a new Edit Facility window.

If you see a message like this when you open the Edit Facility window, that means you have no store properties configured! To set these up, please contact support or enable GAPS Properties.

Facilities: no properties

From this window, you can edit the store properties.

Edit facility

  • Click OK to save your changes and close the window
  • Click OK & Next to save your changes and start editing the next store
  • Click Cancel at any time to revert your changes and close the window

Editing your store properties🔗

Any store can view and edit their own properties. If properties have been configured, an additional Edit button will be visible in the app footer, next to your store name:

Footer: store edit

Click the Edit button to open a new window, where you can edit the properties for your store.

Some properties can be disabled here. This means they are only editable on the Open mSupply Central Server.

Edit own store

Once you are happy with your changes, click OK to save and close the window.

Click Cancel at any time to revert your changes and close the window.

Permissions & Restrictions🔗

Facilities are only visible on the Open mSupply Central Server.

To Edit facilities centrally you need the Can modify central data permission, enabled in the omSupply Permissions Tab on your Central Store.

Can Modify Central Data Permission