Display Settings

The display settings section allows you to customise how the site looks for you. Changes made will only affect your experience - if other people would like to change the logo, for example, they will have to make the change themselves.

Let's explore what's possible...

Viewing the display settings🔗

To view the display settings, go to Settings in the lower section of the navigation panel:

Location: nav

You will see the list of settings sections:

Admin: collapsed

You will see the Display settings at the top, click on this to view the options:

Location: list


To change the language, you simply have to select from the drop down list.


The selected language will be used for everything you do on the site. If you reload the page or open a new tab, this language will be used. However if you view the site in a different browser (for example Firefox after changing the language in Chrome) you will need to select the language again.

It is possible to use a custom logo for the site. This shows in the left navigation and on the login screen. For example:

Custom logo login

Custom logo login

The logo will need to be in the svg format. To update, simply

  • enable the custom logo by clicking the toggle switch
  • copy the text of the .svg file and paste it into the text area
  • click save

Edit custom logo

Custom theme🔗

You can also configure a custom look for your site by using a custom theme. To do this:

  • enable the custom theme by clicking the toggle switch
  • you'll see a sample of the current theme in the text area - this shows you what can be updated
  • edit the theme and click save to view the results

Edit custom logo