The devices settings section allows you to configure devices that you may have connected to the Open mSupply system.

Viewing the device settings🔗

To view the display settings, go to Settings in the lower section of the navigation panel:

Admin: nav

You will see the list of settings sections:

Admin: collapsed

Click on the Devices section to begin.

Label Printing🔗

The label printing functionality is in an experimental state currently. You can configure a single, network-enabled, label printer which supports the ZPL printer language.

Label Printing

Enter the IP address and other details of the printer. To test your configuration, you can click the Test button. This will attempt to connect to the printer and fetch configuration details from it.

If you are happy with the settings, click Save to save the details.

Barcode Scanners🔗

This section allows you to configure a USB barcode scanner for use with Open mSupply desktop. We support serial-mode and keyboard-mode scanners. The preference is serial scanners which we have found to be more reliable. The Zebra DS-22 is the recommended model.

On opening the barcode scanners section you may see the message Not connected:

Barcode scanner

even though you have a scanner plugged in. The system needs to be instructed that a scanner is available - here's how this is done:

Click the Detect button. A barcode will be shown:

Barcode scanner

Scan the barcode with your barcode scanner (this may take a few attempts!). You will see the following notification when successful:

Barcode scanner

and then the message is changed to the following:

Barcode scanner

You are now able to use the barcode scanner!